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The holidays are coming, but before they get here, H3N2 will arrive.

What is H3N2? It is the Flu strain which has already arrived in several southern states and portends a pandemic worse than the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. We know this because Australia going thru their winter, while we were enjoying summer, saw Flu diagnosis climb to 168,337 up from the previous year total of 91,000. H3N2 was the predominant strain.

People affected by H3N2 tend to get sicker, hospitalizations and mortality rates are higher because this is a more virulent strain than H1N1.

While our reasons for opposing the flu vaccine are many (subject reviewed in a past article), the fact is that the projected efficacy of this year’s vaccine is about 10% as per the CDC.

Part of the reason for the low efficacy rate is the way Flu vaccines are grown:

  1. In eggs

  2. Flucelvax - canine kidney cells

  3. Flublock - uses a baculovirus grown in caterpillar cells

In all these methods the viruses mutate rendering the original vaccine largely ineffective.

Flu is not just a respiratory illness. It affects all parts of the body; the throat, bronchial tubes and blood vessels to heart and brain. The resultant inflammatory changes triggered by the Flu cause older adults to have 3-5x’s greater risk of heart attack and 2-3x’s greater risk of stroke.

While the science of vaccines is evolving, the current predictions of an especially difficult Flu season if real.

Here at Westbury Integrated Medical Wellness our approach is different.

  • Using supplementation and Myers Cocktails to bolster the immune system to mitigate against getting the Flu

  • Using supplementation, Vitamin C drips and Anti-Viral drips, we treat the Flu in ways that avoid the pitfalls and side effects of the vaccines themselves

For a more detailed discussion and to institute a more pro-active approach to the coming Flu season, visit us at Westbury Integrated Medical Wellness, 400 Post Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590 or call us at (516) 280-8321 and ask to set up a consult with our office manager Catherine Nelson.

In Health,

Jonathan Dashiff, MD

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