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Dr. Dashiff comes to the world of Integrative Medicine after spending more than 20 years in a very different arena.


After training at Brookdale Hospital and Downstate Medical Center, Dr. Dashiff practiced as an orthopedic surgeon, heavily involved in Sports Medicine. 


As the team physician for the New York City Fire Department football team, and working over 1000 fights as a Golden Gloves ringside physician, Dr. Dashiff has worked with athletes who maximized healthy lifestyles to reach the pinnacle of individualized and team achievements.


While still actively engaged in the mainstream way of practicing medicine, Dr. Dashiff realized that there are different, non-allopathic ways to treat patients.  Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are valid ways to prevent injury and disease.


Dr. Dashiff is trained in prolotherapy, quantum bio-feedback, oxidative therapies and bio-identical hormones, as well as nutritional medicine, diet and lifestyle. In combination with a strong emphasis on the diagnosis and prevention of disease, Dr. Dashiff recognizes that the potential for a healthier and more vibrant lifestyle is achievable.

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