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The patients who come to Westbury Integrated Medical Wellness are comprised mainly of two types. There are those that are healthy but recognize that the practice of orthodox allopathy, the treatment of illness, is poorly designed when it comes to provide neither quality of life nor longevity. The second group is comprised of people suffering from chronic and/or auto immune illness and have failed to achieve successful results from allopathic modalities alone. In both instances, we use an integrative approach, governed by a holistic philosophy. To many people unfamiliar with these concepts, it may seem like a new field of medicine has been discovered. In reality, the truth is quite the opposite. 


Using the integrative approach means combining the latest scientific advances, medicine and technology with the modalities and wisdom of ancient healers. The word holistic, derived from the Greek "holos", meaning whole, suggested that to correctly treat an ailment, the whole person must be analyzed and treated. In the 4th century BC, Socrates opined that to only treat one part of the body would not yield a good result. Hippocrates believed that many factors contributed to health and to illness, including nutrition, emotions and even weather.


It is therefore our goal to combine the most ground-breaking treatments available, with nutritional treatments, homeopathy, herbal naturopathic and aryuvedic medicines . We also employ traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic and massage therapy, along with stress reduction, detoxification and psychotherapy.


We seek to find the cause of disease - not to first treat its consequences. Our goal is to empower our patients to not only treat disease, but to prevent it.


- Jonathan Dashiff, MD

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